Behavior Books

Child Behavior Modification

Using Books for Good Behavior Habits

Believe it or not most kids have the same common problems when it comes to behavior. We found a few books to assist parents in promoting positive behavior,
making parenting easier, and making the house a little quieter.

20 thank you cards to colorBox of 20 Thank You Cards to Color

This box contains 20 thank you cards to color and send to family and friends. Each card is different and envelopes are included.

Behavior Books for Children

There is nothing better than instilling good behavior at an early age. A thank you card is something small that shows our appreciation. These 20 note cards will inspire your child’s artistic side while encouraging them to think about who they should say, “Thank you” to today.

behavior book - give that back jackbehavior book - don't be greedy graham
behavior book - don't be a bully billy behavior book - don't tell lies lucy
behavior book - say please louise

A set of cautionary tales for children everywhere to warn of the perils of behaving badly and not doing what you’re told.

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princess handbook on princes behavoirPrincess Handbook

The perfect handbook for anyone who dreams of being a princess. Do know how to tell if a prince has put a pea under your mattress?
Do you know when and how to wear your tiara? Have you any idea how to behave at banquets or how to perfect your princess wave?
This book will give you all these answers and more. Read The Princess Handbook to see if you’ve got what it takes to be a true princess
(and pick up top-secret prince-catching tips along the way).

i can say pleaseI Can Say Please

A delightful picnic between friends is made even sweeter – as so many things are – by the magic word. Learning how to say please was never so much fun!

“A wholesome, pleasant demonstration of politeness for toddlers just discovering the joys of imaginative play.” – Kirkus Reviews (August 1, 2011)

i can say thank youI Can Say Thank You

This companion book to I Can Say Please follows the same group of friends as together they combine the joys of play with the joys of good manners!

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