Child Art Book

Child Art Books

Beginning Art Books

We do not have enough art in our children’s lives. Often little is done in the classroom or your will find you school only has art in a separate room once a week. Art not only encourages creativity and imagination but also develops children’s motor skills. These chosen books inspire children to believe they can create!


What Shall I Draw – Buy on Amazon

What Shall I Make – Buy on Amazon

What Shall I Cook – Buy on Amazon

Anyone interested in inspiring children to learn and practice art should have these books.
What shall I draw, what shall I paint and what shall I make include activities using quick easy techniques especially designed for a short attention span.
The inspiring end results will surprise and delight any young artist.
These exciting books of colorful illustrations answers the question, “What shall I do today?”

Ideas for Teaching Children Art

Lesson Ideas:

  • Week 1: Fish Crafts
  • Week 2: Animal Crafts
  • Week 3: Food & Drink Crafts
  • Week 4: Travel & Transportation Crafts
  • Week 5: People Crafts
  • Week 6: Career Crafts
  • Week 7: Pirate Crafts
  • Week 8: Nature Crafts
  • Week 9: Fantasy Land Crafts
  • Week 10: Castle Crafts

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