The day will come where you will look at your child in amazement and with pride realizing something has clicked. Something has registered.

Your child has initiated – with no reminder – going to the potty.
Potty Training Tip

But if you are not there yet, here’s a book that might assist you and even better, make potty training a fun bonding experience as well.

The secret to potty training is a no pressure atmosphere where children believe they are in control and making the decisions.

Parents and providers guide their decisions and try to make it fun.

A favorite tip from My Potty Activity Book +45 Toilet Training Tips: Parent/Child Interaction with Coloring and Creative Fun is:

#27) Play potty while training a stuffed animal or doll. Use your child’s future underwear on the animal. Because the underwear is big, it will be easier for your child to teach pulling pants down and up. Play house and pretend with your child. You be animal’s mommy.
Feed the animal, make it run to the potty, pull pants down, sit, maybe read a book to it, praise it for trying/accomplishing, wipe, pull pants up, flush and wash hands. Play again. Let your child be Mommy and take the animal through the steps with you offering corrections if needed. Repeat.
Devoting time here with excessive repetition may bore you but provides great instruction for your child. Review our tips for things to spice it up: accidents, songs, rules, or visiting.

Here are some great ideas for potty training dolls. Try a girl or boy doll and if you can afford it, purchase one that actually drinks and wets:

My Potty Reward Stickers for Girls
My Potty Activity Book
My Potty Reward Stickers for Boys

Don’t Forget to Laugh when Potty Training

Another great tip is to remember not to take things too seriously. Success will come with time, and every child has their own pace.

From the Author

When potty training, I always try to laugh which is sometimes very hard but at other times takes no effort at all.

We are a traveling family and grew fond of taking our small potty in the car. We would line it with a plastic bag and we could stop anywhere on the road to let our child go. (Remove the plastic bag, tie it up, drop it in a roadside trash, and line the potty again for next time.)

Tip: Be sure your bags are sealed. On an extremely windy day, I don’t think I ever laughed so hard watching my husband, who was the one emptying, struggle in the wind with a leaky bag! Despite his smiling too – it really was no fun!

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