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dragon book

Dragon Quest

When evil Winston the Wig-wearing Wizard casts a spell which makes all their hair fall out, the villagers of Shortsville decide that something must be done. Armed only with some big bug burgers, a bottle of yab’s milk and a book of old maps, three intrepid explorers set off on a quest for the source of Winston’s powers, deep inside the dragon’s lair. And you are invited to join them. This stunningly illustrated fantasy is crammed with strange things to find, mysteries to solve and characters and creatures to outwit. Can you foil the Frogmen, trounce the Trogs and defeat the dungeon keeper? Find out in Dragon Quest.



shadow dragon

Shadow of the Dragon

Under no circumstances are girls ever allowed anywhere near dragons! The penalty for any girl caught breaking First Law is death!

“This exhilarating story captures the reader’s interest from the opening interaction between Kira and her parents to the breathless conclusion. The underlying theme that girls are capable of anything infuses the novel, and the heroine’s bravery and spunk will particularly appeal to older junior and high school female readers. Fortunately the wide-open ending leaves plenty of room for a sequel to this stellar first novel.” – Julie Watkins, VOYA, October, 2009

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