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Science Supplies to Inspire Thinking

Our Pick
Science Physics Math Chemistry Biology Astronomy Notebook (Front)
Science Physics Chemistry Biology Notebook
Science Physics Math Chemistry Biology Astronomy Notebook
by Designer_Store_Ger
The perfect Gift when you Teaching Chemistry or are a Science Teacher in the school or university.

Customizable Science Notebooks

The front and back covers are customizable with your images and text, and the notebook covers are laminated to ensure durability. Click through to choose from 4 notebook styles, hardcover or softcover versions, 7 different spiral colors and 10 page design options to make your one-of-a-kind notebook today.

  • Dimensions & Page Count: click through to see all choices
  • Choice of 10 design interior pages; 7 colors for the spiral
  • Hardcover or Softcover
  • 60 lb. durable text smooth paper
  • Laminated front and back covers, plain white inside
  • CPSIA compliant

Suitable for ages 4+

Editable Vintage Chemistry Lab Equipment Notebook (Front)
Editable Vintage Chemistry Lab Equipment Notebook
by soyezsoimeme
Collage of antique science laboratory equipment including microscopes, flasks, vials, graduated cylinders and filter paper labels. Title reads “chemistry” but can be edited to whatever subject or name you like.
Science Girl Chemistry Laboratory Scientist Notebook (Front)
Science Girl Chemistry Laboratory Scientist Notebook
by Designer_Store_Ger
Science Girl Chemistry Laboratory Scientist. Female Researcher Student Chemist.
Funny Technical support Cat Lover Computer Science Notebook (Front)
Funny Technical support Cat Lover Computer Science Notebook
by Designer_Store_Ger
Funny Technical support Cat Lover Computer Science. Tech Support Humor Cat Owner.
Science Chemist Humor Chemistry Is Like Cooking Notebook (Front)
Science Chemist Humor Chemistry Is Like Cooking Notebook
by Designer_Store_Ger
Chemistry is like cooking. just dont lick the spoon. This funny science Design is the perfect gift idea for every nerd, geek, student or chemist. ideal to wear in school, university or the laboratory.

Science Lesson Plan Ideas

Here’s an outline for making a science lesson plan for the school classroom or teachers who homeschool.

Ten Week Plan:

  • Week 1: Building blocks of You
  • Week 2: Skeletal System & Joints
  • Week 3: Muscular System
  • Week 4: Circulatory System
  • Week 5: Digestive System
  • Week 6: Respiratory System
  • Week 7: Nervous System
  • Week 8: What are Genes?
  • Week 9: Genetics
  • Week 10: Health & Medicine

Skill set:

  • Science/biology
  • Health & fitness
  • Nutrition
  • Following directioins
  • Sequencing
  • Process of discovery
  • Self-expression & intrapersonal skills

Our Favorite Science Books for Kids

From experiments to the wonders of nature to space to forensic science, your child will find a topic to connect to the amazing field of science.

Illustrated Dictionary of Science

Buy on Amazon

This great study aid has topics arranged thematically so that words are explained in context, with a fully integrated system of cross-referencing plus a comprehensive index.

50 Science Things to Make and Do

Buy on Amazon

These simple step-by-step activities combine hands-on fun and scientific investigation.

Big Book of Experiments

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Children can investigate the world around them and discover science in action. Specially chosen activities include making electricity, bending light and weather watching. Helpful descriptions, clearly written text and explanations show how and why the experiments work.

Striking artwork and photographs illustrate all projects with clarity.


Mysteries & Marvels of Nature

Buy on Amazon

What sixth sense turns a shark into a deadly hunter? Why does snow sometimes turn red? Where does a penguin keep its egg? And how does a lizard keep its cool in the desert? Unlock these secrets and many more inside this book.

From the miniature to the massive, and from the mysterious to the ridiculous – find out how living things from the plant and animal kingdoms cope with every day life.

Brilliant photographs and illustrations reveal a hidden world in which the plants and creatures with the most ingenious design features succeed.

Throughout this book, there are recommended websites where you can find out more about the mysteries and marvels of nature.

Internet Linked Book of Knowledge

Buy on Amazon

This incredible reference book is crammed with just about every fact you will ever want to know, including information about science and technology, the Earth’s structure and landscapes, the human body, plants and animals and much, much more. It also contains: Timelines with key dates in world history. Maps, flags and facts about all the countries of the world. World records. Star charts and space facts.

about 8×10 inches; 208 pages, Hardcover with dust jacket

Forensic Science

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Great detectives can use logic and intuition to solve crimes, but often that’s not enough. That’s when they turn to scientists for help. Forensic scientists use an astonishing variety of techniques on the smallest clues to reveal exactly who committed a crime. This book describes how different evidence – from blood to blowflies – is used to catch even the smartest crooks. And you can read exciting true-crime comic strips that show how scientists have foiled criminals time and time again.

Science Student – Pocket Folders

Custom folders to help you nail that first impression! Made from smooth semi-gloss paper, these folders are perfectly sized to store and showcase all your hard work. Customize both the front and back and present in total style!

  • Dimensions: 9” x 12”
  • White interior, Made from 12 point semi-gloss paper
  • Sold in sets of 5
  • Deep 4″ pockets, with a business card (3.5” X 2”) slit on left pocket

Recommended for ages 2+

Science Student 3 Ring Binders

Add your own additional text or images to create an eye-catching personalized custom binder.

  • 3-ring binder designed for letter (8.5″ x 11″) sized paper
  • Dimensions: click through to see three choices
  • 1.5″ spine will hold 540 pages (click through to see other widths )
  • Full bleed photo-quality printing
  • Binder inserts not included

This product is recommended for ages 6+

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