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Our Educational Specialty: To Improve Literacy!

  1. First, we provide the best child educational book selection of 1,000+ titles
  2. Second, see our outstanding Reading Incentive Program fundraiser which improves reading habits and builds the child’s home library while helping organizations in need.

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Educational Books for Children

Each child educational book offers great activities and literature for family night reading with your kids. Many of the younger books have a find the duck theme, asking the child to find a duck on each page in addition to reading the story. This creates wonderful reader and listener interaction and many memories of family reading moments.

If you have a reluctant reader, try our educational books for children. Time and again I hear wonderful stories about how the strategy of using our educational books for children made the difference with children who were reluctant readers. How do you create a motivating, early childhood education program at home? Simple — start reading our books!

What makes a child educational book different?

  • Bright colorful pages!
  • Double spread pages where pictures go all the way accross and open book to maintain children’s interest
  • Bite size educational information easy for children to handle. A child educational book may have arrows with small sections of text pointing out specific information on
    a topic.

Did you think your child would never read a book?

“A person who won’t read has no advantage over one who can’t read.”

–Mark Twain

There are many people – happy people, it usually appears – whose thoughts at
Christmas always turn to books. The notion of a Christmas tree with no books
under it is repugnant and unnatural to them.
– Robertson Davies, “The Merry Heart”