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Favorite Child Nursery Rhyme Book

I think as the generations go by we are losing our focus on poerty and rhymes. Rhymes are one of the easiest ways to encourage learning. We use rhymes with infants to teach language. Even in college you may have had rhymes to help you memorize rules.

But, I think I know less rhymes and poetry than mother and surely I know less than my grandmother. Since they were born, I’ve used rhyme books with my children not only to increase learning and fun but to hopefully establish a love of reading beyond stories – an appreciation of poetry.

Usborne books has a wonderful collection of Rhyming books for kids. See our favorites below.

Child Nursery Rhyme Book Trivia – Can you Say the next line?

  1. Hickory, dickory, dock,…
  2. The north wind doth blow,…
  3. Lucy locket lost her pocket,…
  4. There was a crooked man…

Answers at the bottom…

counting rhymescounting rhymes

The delightfully illustrated rhymes are a lovely way to help babies and toddlers learn to count. The finger rhymes are great fun to do with babies and toddlers and include simple instructions for the actions.

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nursery rhymesChild Nursery Rhyme Book: Litte Book of Nursery Rhymes

Who can resist sharing a familiar nursery rhyme with a child? This lively illustrated collection brings together over fifty of the best-loved nursery rhymes, together with some ideas for actions and games. Perfect for bedtime reading, it contains favorites such as Humpty Dumpty, Itsy Bitsy Spider, I’m a Little Teapot and a delightful padded cover. Test your memory on some of these – see our “Trivia” nursery rhyme test below!

child nursery rhyme bookNursery Rhyme Sticker Book

This charming sticker book contains 20 much-loved nursery rhymes, and in each rhyme, key words are represented by black and white pictures for which there are matching, full-color stickers. Young children will be delighted by this winning combination of activities, which also provides a variety of learning opportunities. Features over 120 colorful stickers.

rhymes for young childrenSing Along Nursery Rhymes

This delightful book contains a selection of well-loved traditional nursery rhymes. The tunes on the CD have been specially arranged for little children to sing along to.

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