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Kids Ocean and Sea Books

Many children love to explore and parents and teachers can use this curiosity to inspire the love of reading. What’s better than discovering what lies beneath the Sea? Even adults enjoy finding that unusual object or organism washed up on shore.

When the weather is poor of if you are just not near a beach, try one of our favorite ocean books with your child.

on the beach
On the Beach Luxury Lift the Flap

When you take a stroll along the beach, you’ll find a seashore full of surprises. Discover amazing sights, from tiny creatures hidden in the sand and
rocks to tall lighthouses balanced on the edge of towering cliffs. Lift the flaps to uncover even more about life on the beach.


first encyclopedia seas and oceans
First Encyclopedia Seas and Oceans

How deep is the ocean?

Which fish can blow itself up like a balloon?

How do dolphins use sound to hunt?

Find out in this delightful book.

Simple text, stunning illustrations and photographs and exciting recommended Web sites introduce young readers to the wonders of the sea.



great sea searchGreat Under the Sea Search

From giant octopuses and great white sharks, to deep sea divers and treasure troves, there are around 100 things to spot and on every double page of this book.






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