Preschool or Elementary Unit Study

Adventures in Ancient Egypt

Encyclopedia of the Ancient World

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This lavishly illustrated encyclopedia follows the dramatic history of the world’s early civilizations, from the first farmers of the Middle East to the rise of mighty empires in Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece and Rome. Stunning photographs and detailed reconstructions create a vivid picture of life in the ancient world, while the comprehensive factfinders include a time chart, who’s who, and lots more about gods and goddesses, mythology and details of recent archaeological finds.

Mummies and Pyramids

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This book takes you back in time to the amazing world of the ancient Egyptians, where you’ll discover how mummies were made, how the pyramids were built, and the truth about the curse of Tutankhamun. There’s everything from tomb robbers to crocodile mummies, all brought to life with spectacular photographs.

Ancient Egypt Jigsaw Book

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Discover the world of the Ancient Egyptians — who lived thousands of years ago — with these six jigsaws. Thet’re packed full of detail, with lots of things to spot.

Reviewers say: “We can look down on this jigsaw book the ancient Egyptian world under pharaoh’s ruling where their cultural and technical ways are quite similar to ours at present. Whenever you pick up each piece of jigsawed pages, vivid smiles of those ancient people with animals may let you know their magnificent world. I could face to this ancient Egypt many times during my tour in Egypt last May and found this book at the Cairo Airport.”

Ideas for Lessons on Ancient Egypt

Lesson Ideas:

  • Week 1: Ancient Egypt & It’s Leaders
  • Week 2: Everyday Life
  • Week 3: Education & Hieroglyphics
  • Week 4: Fashion & Shopping
  • Week 5: Food, Feasts, & Entertainment
  • Week 6: Pyramids
  • Week 7: Mummification
  • Week 8: Burial Ritual & Chamber
  • Week 9: Mythology & After-Life
  • Week 10: Archeology & Great Discoveries

Skill set ideas:

  • History
  • Self-expression & intrapersonal skills
  • Following directions
  • Map reading
  • Artistic abilities & creativity
  • Visual-spatial skills
  • Organizational skills
  • Sequential thinking

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