Is your child alliterate? What does Aliterate mean?

motivating children to read

Aliterate means a person who CAN read but is chooses not to derive information from literary sources. They have an ability to read but no motivation. They are indifferent
toward reading.
While we don’t usually like to find our kids with a flashlight under the covers, this is because we want them to have a good night sleep. We all know cranky tired children don’t learn well.

But at the same time, this is a good problem to have. I mean if you tell me, “My kid stays up to late reading,” I will not feel sorry for you.

Questions to Ask Yourself about Your Child’s Reading

We often focus on literacy. Does my child read above his or her grade? Does my child read at least at his or her school level?

Try these instead:

  1. Is my child excited about reading?
  2. Does my child ever ask to go to the library?
  3. Does my child want to stay longer at the bookstore?
  4. Does my child check email first or snuggle with a good book?

We are in a different world today. Our movies have great
high tech scenes, blow em up, explode, etc. I wonder if teens would enjoy the movies Jane Eyre or Wuthering Heights? Would they think nothing happens except a lot of facial expressions? Would these movies entertain? Our books counter aliteracy by providing children with excitement, challenges, puzzles and more.

Look for Dragon Quest where kids are exposed to exciting colors and images while reading to figure out puzzling questions. – No bored children there.

My son was a little unenthusiastic about reading until he discovered the Search Books. Then he wanted the next book each time a new one was released!

We just need to find the right area of interest for each child and the enthusiasm will follow.

Books that Motivate Children to Read

Exciting motivational books offer:

  • adventure,
  • exploration,
  • thrills,
  • imagination,
  • challenges,
  • creativity, and
  • a window to a new world

Turn off the TV off and surround your child with exciting books is the first step toward a cure for aliterate children.

Solve aliteracy and on your next road trip, children will be asking to bring some books instead of their game boy!

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