Reach For The Stars – Reading Incentive Program

What difference can reading incentives make?

I have a love of reading and thus it followed naturally that when I had my first child I would somehow pass that love of reading to her. With the delight of my new baby in mind, I visited the bookstore to search for the treasured books I had as a child. Ok, no… actually, first, I visited my mom’s house stealing the favorites were left from my treasured childhood!

Then, I went to the book store looking for great books as a reading incentive for my child. I would read every night and enjoyed sharing my memories with my new baby. It wasn’t until a play date, probably around 12 months old, that I realized I had passed a reading incentive on to my child.

Upon retrieving my child from a friend’s house, the parent commented about my daughter, “It’s too funny. She comes right in, sits down, and starts paging through all the books! Meanwhile, my son is over there playing with the trucks….”

What makes the difference?

Maybe each child’s personality, but I think reading every night, before naps, and occasionally during the day, created not just great habits, but taught the love of books. Surrounding my child with books definitely contributed to the difference!

The fact is that not all parents have time to sit and read with their children to create that love of reading. Thus, a reading incentive program steps in where some parents can’t and also enhances habits of children who are already reading.

Our Reach For the Stars Reading Incentive Program makes a difference. The program teaches great reading habits and by practicing these habits, we enhances the love of books.

Since kids get to choose what books they read, they learn that with all the books out there, indeed – there is a topic of interest for every child.

Because our Reading Incentive Program rewards by providing books in the home, it is one step forward in continuing to improve literacy in not just America, but the entire world. You remember my 12 month old daughter reaching for books when visiting a friend’s house? Well imagine books placed in every home! Children will have access to a great wealth of information. We are building home libraries.

Children with home libraries might learn to share and swap books. And, with our Internet linked books, children have the incentive to combine reading with the use of the Internet to complete school projects.

The importance of having books in the home is the driving force behind my HIGHLY RECOMMENDING organizations choose our 110% Return option for the maximum number of books received. This option provides the greatest reward for the child while benefiting the organization as well. You can use the organization books as teacher appreciation rewards, personal best awards, or other awards that your school might have.

We reward you for choosing to maximize literacy. When you choose all books, we give you and extra 10% back for a 110% return!

The Reach For the Stars Reading Incentive Program is so easy to accomplish and requires very little paperwork. You can apply  here by completing an inquiry form. We will be happy to answer your questions and address any concerns you may have.

See our Reach For The Stars Sample Calendar to easily see how the program is carried out. For answers to most questions click to see our frequently asked questions.

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