Reach For the Stars Fundraiser

Usborne Books Reach for the Stars Read-a-thon

For classrooms, schools, daycares, churches, etc. with up to 110% Back!

The Usborne Books Reach for the Stars fundraiser program was designed by an Usborne Books at Home consultant who wanted a fundraiser program that would benefit both the orgranization and the children.

See ourUsborne Books Reach For the Stars read-a-thon calendar below for a quick easy to read sample of how the program would work at your organization.

According to Usborne Books at Home, “The 1998 Reading Report Card found that students with higher reading scores were more likely to report four types of reading materials in their homes – encyclopedias, magazines, newspapers and at least 25 books.”

The Usborne Books Reach For the Stars fundraiser program is aimed at those 25 books. Usborne Books Reach For the Stars read-a-thon is designed so every participating child will take home at least one book, but even better, in most cases, children get enough books to get their home libraries off to a good start! Many experts aggree one of the biggest obstacles to literacy is the scarcity of books in the family home.

Usborne Books Reach For the Stars fundraiser program puts fun educational books into the hands of children and they get to pick their titles from the read-a-thon program, so you know they will read them. These books the children take home will not be discarded or gathering dust.

Usborne Books Reach For the Stars read-a-thon is so easy to do and requires little preparation time. Usborne Books at Home recognizes the goals to creat good reading habits as well as placing books in children’s hands and that is why Usborne Books is so generous in their return of up to 110% back. At the same time your organization has the flexibity to custom the Reach For the Stars fundraiser so your organization will receive either: Only Books, Only Cash, or Mixture – Books and Cash.

Usborne Books understands the needs and challenges faced by organizations trying to raise funds so Usborne Books designed the Reach For the Starsread-a-thon program to make it both easy on sponsors and successful in reaching your fundraising goals! With the FREE book and/or cash incentives that are in place for each Usborne Books Reach For the Stars read-a-thon, your read-a-thon fundraising options are as easy as 1, 2, 3:

  1. Cash – fund special projects, teacher resources or extras for your students
  2. Money and books – provides the sponsor with cash and FREE books for the library
  3. FREE books – Up to 50% of retail sales in free Usbonre Books

If the Usborne Books Reach For the Stars fundraiser program interests you, please complete our Reading Incentive Program Inquiry form so we can answer your questions.

Teach Responsibility

Are you tired of chasing down funds from other fundraisers? Do you find your school still trying to collect Fall fundraiser money well into the Spring? (That happens at some schools and if it doesn’t at yours, your students are awesome!)

Usborne Books Reach For the Stars read-a-thon fundraiser teaches responsibility to students.

From the start, they understand if they do not bring in their collected funds on the dates due for the Reach For the Stars read-a-thon, they do not get to choose their books. Students learn very fast to be responsible. Usborne Books Reach For the Stars fundraiser does not have excessive reminders to students and parents. No excessive paperwork.

We operate our Usborne Books Reach For the Stars read-a-thon with a KEEP IT SIMPLE process.
Hand out pledge sheets, collect pledge sheets and money, choose books — and at that point students are done. (That all takes place in two to three weeks which is fast for a fundraiser!) Of course, then we order the books and hand them out about two to three weeks later. So the entire process over about 5 weeks makes it nice for whomever volunteers to be your school point of contact!

Usborne Books Reach For the Stars Fundraiser Keeps On Giving

The Usborne family of books is internationally acclaimed as the finest educational children’s book line-up in the marketplace today. Usborne Books offers over 1,100 fiction and non-fiction titles that inspire, enthrall and teach your students through reading. In your Usborne Books Reach For the Stars read-a-thon, you can choose from a wide range of subjects covering hobbies, science, nature, parent’s guides and more. Is there a better gift to give than the gift of reading? There’s no better gift for your school or organization than an Usborne Books “Reach for the Stars” read-a-thon that promotes reading and pays you back in FREE books and/or cash.

Further Promotional Ideas for our Usborne Books Reach For the Stars fundraiser

Usborne Books Reach For the Stars read-a-thon fundraiser is a pledge based reading incentive program that returns every cent pledged back to the organization.
This is a 100% return. This is a great program to try during National TV Free Week in April. Try getting your principal involved for even greater success.

If you have volunteers, you can also ask local business to join in by pledging a flat fee toward the children’s reading or sometimes they will donate further prizes such as a pizza party for the top class in each grade. You don’t know what local organizations will donate until you ask and it can’t hurt to ask!

We can include local businesses’ logos on flyers to post around your school showing they are a sponsor of the Usborne Books Reach For the Stars read-a-thon fundraiser. Businesses usually
love the free advertisement and like to support children reading.

What to do with your organizations fundraiser books?

Remember our Usborne Books Reach For the Stars read-a-thon fundraiser is very felxible. Your organization receives 30% in books when you choose the book option. Many schools rotate from year to year on how they use these books. Ususally the first year, most schools will use the Usborne Books from the read-a-thon to build their school library. Sometimes the second year, they let each teacher choose 30% of the money collected by their class for their own classrooms. A third idea is to use the books for personal best awards and other student awards through out the school year. Deciding what to do with all your books from the school read-a-thon fundraiser is a very nice problem to have.

Sample Usborne Books Reach For The Stars Read-a-thon Fundraiser Calendar

– reference the calendar image below when reading through this read-a-thon scenario idea

  • the children will collect pledges and read 10 days of their choice between Sep 26 and October 9th.
  • children turn in their pledge sheets on October 12.
  • the consultant (that’s me) and school tally the sheets and pledges by Oct 19th
  • the students shop for their free books on Oct 19th using vouchers prepared by the consultant and school
  • the consultant places the book order
  • the students receive their free books and PRIZES on Oct 28th — AWARD DAY!

school fundraiser idea - calendar