Pre-K, Mothers’ Day Out, or Day Care Fundraiser Idea

Preschool, Pre-K & Mothers’ Day Out Fundraiser Success Stories – This Works!

We have a wonderful Preschool School Fundraiser Idea.

Our preschool fundraiser is a read-a-thon that motivates little ones to read and teaches them the value of books. What’s more the Reach for the Stars idea is one of the best preschool fundraiser ideas because it promotes literacy by rewarding children with more books to read.

We motivate children with our Reading Incentive Program but also motivate the parents to learn of the great memories they can have by sharing reading with their children. We are not creating good reading habits for just the children — but the ADULTS TOO!

Read below to see proof that our fundraising program works. Your organization can choose to receive books or cash.

Reports about our Preschool Fundraiser:

Third year of consistent performance

Comments from Mothers Day Out Church fundraiser, TX 2006

We collected over $1,000 again and we even had low enrolment this Fall. I might try it in the Spring next time when our enrolment is even higher.

Your program is motivating, creative, and generous!

Reviewer from Learning Center (preschool fundraiser) – CT

And for our daughter, we are thrilled for the boost this gives as she steps into the reading world!
32 readers raised pledges of $1,400!

Very Easy!

Report from Mothers Day Out Church Fundraiser, TX 2005

Everything was so simple. Explain, hand out reading logs, collect reading logs, shop and we were done! I love the books. We will use the Mini Children’s Bible
as graduation gifts for the children we send off to Kindergarten next year.

$9400 collected only from a Kindergarten!

Comments from a Kindergarten Fundraiser, OH

Pre-K and K only school raised $2526

Report from a Preschool Fundraiser, MI

47 of 138 students participated.

First time trying was a big success!

Report from Mother’s Day Out Church fundraiser- TX 2004

We collected $1488 which was great because our Mother’s Day out needed books so badly!

Second year, Love the program.

Report from a Preschool Fundraiser, MI

Teachers want it back next year. Gave 70% to the children and 40% to the teachers.

Montessori School

Report from a Montessori Preschool Fundraiser, MA

37 of 40 students participated. Collected $1,600.

Reading Aloud to Younger Children

“If every parent and every adult caring for a child read aloud a minimium of three storeis a day to the children in their lives, we could probably wipe out illiteracy in one generation. Experts tell us children need to hear a thousand stories read aloud before they begin to learn to read for themselves. Three stories a day will deliver 1,000 stories in one year alone!” from Reading Magic by Mem Fox.

When you choose our reading incentive program, it is very important to emphasize to parents of new borns and preschoolers, that they can and should read to their children and record their minutes just as if the child had read alone. This preschool fundraiser program not only works well with non-readers but the benefits of reading aloud to your child are compounded over the years. Sometimes parents think the form is only meant for the older children at a daycare. But this is where the teachers need to come in and speak up to teach parents the importance of reading at a very young age.

Even though babies and toddlers will grab the books, chew on them and seem to stare into space, reading aloud is still very beneficial. Teach parents to make a schedule for reading at certain times of the day whether before nap or bedtime at night or quietly after dinner. Our prescholl fundraiser teaches these things by giving the parents a reading log to record their minutes spend reading to their baby or toddler each day. Encourage parents to space the time to 5 minute intervals if they find their baby will not sit that long. This preschool fundraiser teaches both parents and infants that reading is important and should be a daily part of life.

The National Center for Education Stats in 2005 reported that only 45% of parents read to their children. The Easrly Childhood Longitudinal Study in 2000 found that children who were read to at least three times a week were almost twice as likely to score in the top 25% in reading than children who were read to less than three times a week. We need to educate our parents on the benefits of making time to read!

Encourage your parents to talk to their children about the books they have read as well. Suggest they make references when they are at the park, store or getting dressed showing how it is similar to a character in the story they read. Reading aloud on a regular basis will help children and plus — it creats great bonding with their child!