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No More… “I’m Bored”… This Summer!

As summer approaches, most parents are looking for ways to fill their children’s days with fun educational value. Too often we hear, “I’m bored!” from our children. They look to us, as parents, to find solutions to their entertainment.

While children are perfectly capable of finding ways to amuse themselves, it can’t hurt to provide a little help.

This summer, try a new option to add to your daily routine – Create your own Activity Camp!

Parents, teachers, and other child educators can use this program as a fun way to keep children learning.

And, it’s not just about learning. The benefit of committing a small amount of time each day to spend with your children is invaluable! Children look forward to the program each day because it is fun and they have special individual time with you. These memories will last a life time.

So, what is it?

Browse our website to choose a theme for your reading adventure. Focus on a specific unit of study.


  • a themed set of reading books
  • brainstorm or use Google search to find some educational activities

Find daily activities that are age-appropriate, interactive ideas, which will make learning fun and typically take an hour or less. Because of this, you can choose to have you “camp” only on weekends if that fits your schedule better.

The goal is for every child to be excited about learning!

There is nothing as special as seeing a child’s face light up when they learn something new.

Plan 3 to 7 weeks of a mixture of reading and activities. Many of our books include activities to help you along this journey. During these weeks, plan for your children to work on specific skills: imagination, fine-motor skills, sequencing, visual-spatial awareness, artistic abilities, following directions, math skills and self-expression.

Fill your summer days with fun educational activities that come from reading books! Start browsing now using these links:

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