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Kid Jigsaw Puzzle

Our jigsaw puzzle book section is amazing! These unusual Usborne books combine creating a love for books with challenging one’s mind with puzzles! All the pages and pieces are heavy weight durable cardboard.

We have a huge selection, but here are our favorites!

ABC Jigsaw Puzzle Book

ABC Jigsaw
by Heather Amery & Stephen Cartwright

In this book, each letter has it’s own piece which fits in a space. The pieces do not connect together. This is the first level in learning puzzles! Young children will work on letter recognition, sounds and dexterity as they place each piece on the pages. Children will enjoy learning the letters of the alphabet with Poppy and Sam and the other characters from Apple Tree Farm. The 26 letters each have their own picture jigsaw piece, which lifts out to reveal the letter underneath, providing endless opportunities for matching words and letters.

under the sea jigsaw book

Under the Sea Jigsaw Book

This beautifully illustrated book contains six sparkly sea scene jigsaws, showing some of the amazing animals that live beneath the waves.



Fairyland Jigsaw Puzzle bookFairyland Jigsaw Book

Tiptoe through fairyland and discover its many secrets for yourself. This magical book contains six fairy jigsaw puzzles for you to do.


Dinosaur Jigsaw Puzzle Atlas
Dinosaur kid Jigsaw Puzzle Book Atlas

The Dinosaur Jigsaw Puzzle Book,

Learn more about dinosaurs and geography at the same time! This book includes maps of all the continents with dinosaur pictures indicating the places where their fossils have been found. The left side of the book has images to locate on each puzzle.

Animal Jigsaw AtlasAnimal Jigsaw Atlas

With six picture map jigsaws and lots of animals to find.

castle jigsaw puzzle bookCastle Jigsaw

Discover what life was like inside a castle in this absorbing book. There are six jigsaws to complete and each picture is packed with things to spot.


romans Jigsaw BookRomans Jigsaw

Discover the world of the Ancient Romans and their mighty empire. Visit the Senate House, watch a religious festival and go to the races. The six jigsaw puzzles inside this book are full of exciting detail, with lots of different things to spot.


jigsaw atlas north america
Jigsaw Atlas of North America

begins to group multiple pieces on a page and always has a unique piece in a special shape. The four simple jigsaw puzzles in this book are part of an exciting train story. Join Poppy, Sam and Rusty the dog as they get ready for a big day out on a real steam train.

Snowy Christmas Jigsaw Puzzle book
Christmas Jigsaw Puzzle Book
, The four simple jigsaw puzzles in this book are part of a magical Christmas story. Join Poppy, Sam and Rusty the dog as they get ready for the big day at Apple Tree Farm.


wildlife jigsaw puzzles

Order Our Usborne kid jigsaw puzzle book section also has traditional puzzles. The most unique is the Flower Jigsaw shaped in a circle.


Don’t forget we have a huge selection. Those on this page are just our favorites! You can search our inventory for more.

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