Geography for Kids

Teach children about the World

We hear more and more that our children don’t know Geography. From a young age we can intrigue children with exploration and travel by reading stories from different countries. When you can’t physically travel there, the next best thing is to travel there in a book.

mini stories from around the world
Mini – Stories From Around the World

by H. Amery, Traditional stories from all around the world are gathered here in this magical collection. Tales of brave heroes and heroines are retold alongside tales of wonderful magic, of strange and faithful creatures, and of how things first began. Decoratively and imaginatively illustrated by Linda Edwards, this book will be a source of interest and pleasure for the whole family.

Flag sticker book
Flag Sticker Book

With pictures of 200 flags, this fact-filled book includes the national flag of every country in the world, each one with a sticker to match. Maps of the continents show where each country is.

discover the worldDiscover the World Box Set

This set contains: Kali and the Rat Snake, Little Fish, New Clothes for New Year’s Day, and Sosu’s Call.

Explore World Geoghraphy with your child.

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