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No matter the age, the goal is for children to develop a love for reading. There are so many things that we can do to help with this!

Our monthly newsletter brings you interesting articles, new titles, new reading ideas, book reviews, sales, and more to inspire the love of reading.

Make books available. What if books were easier to reach than the remote? Or the game controller? Keep books around the house and in the car. Anywhere children may be is a good place for a book!

Model the behavior. Children will be more likely to consider reading to be fun if they see you enjoying reading. This includes the time you spend reading the newspaper, a book in the evening after dinner or a magazine by the pool.

Use everyday situations to encourage reading at any age. A great time to teach early reading is when you are in the car with a child. You have a captive audience and can use the chance to point out signs around you, such as a STOP sign, saying “That sign says Stop. It is spelled S-T-O-P.” Other situations include reading the backs of cereal boxes during breakfast, menus at a restaurant or comics in the Sunday papers.

The more children are exposed to reading outside of typical learning environments, the more they will want to read for enjoyment later on in life.