Activity Books for Kids

There is nothing better than an excellent activity book to compete with the TV, XBox, Wii or ipod.

There is nothing better than knowing your child had a great activity to do while you catch up on cleaning, cooking dinner, studying, or whatever other life obligations require your time.

Need a summer activity for kids?

  • How about an around the world educational theme using multicultural books from different countries?
  • Or, maybe a sports theme or try fantasy using our castles and medieval knights books?
  • Challenge children’s memory with a child educational book you can search through.
  • Try family reading at night with our award winning books to calm everyone down and make getting to sleep easier!

In our educational books store, find a selection of over 1,000 educational books for children, you will find titles from infant through adult. Here are a few more ideas. Try our “touchy feely
books” with younger children. Explore our puzzle books and classics novels for children ages 10 through 16!
Entering middel or high school, get our educational language books or encyclopedia books which include internet links for further research when
completing reports.

Browse our book store for the best selling child educational book! Tell us about your favorite!