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Repetition is good when it comes to books. Think of your childhood favorites. Whether they are picture books or young adult novels, in many cases you remember them not only because the story was great but because you read them more than once.

When you decide to invest in a book – by purchasing it, you are making the decision it is worthy of your bookshelf and worthy of reaching for again and again.

Some of our most popular kids books are on this page but you can also search our Top 50 best sellers which are frequently updated.

There’s a reason these books are top sellers. They’ve proven their value again and again ~ children love to read them!

Find the Duck
Find the Duck

Find the Duck by P. Roxbee-Cox & S. Cartwright. This book is a founding idea from Usborne Books at Home. “Finding the Duck” on each page creates interaction between the reader and listener. This idea is continued in many other Usborne titles. One unusual feature of this board book is each page contains two orange and yellow objects. Thus, your child cannot “Find the Duck” by color alone but must learn to distinguish shapes as well.

I can draw animalsI can Draw Aminals

If I am at a fair and sell only one thing, it will be I Can Draw Animals by R. Gibson. I truly believe we need more art in children’s lives.

The simple “step by step” drawings are great for very young children who cannot read the text. Children will no longer say, “I can’t draw.” Sixteen animals are included with different versions of the drawings, so older children can see texture and contrast ideas. Children gain a sense of accomplishment esteem grows when their drawings are completed in a short time. This book is like a dictionary. It should be part of everyone’s home library.

Children's world cookbookChildren’s World Cookbook

Children’s World Cookbook by F. Watt, is a wonderful example of an Internet Linked book. Internet linked books contain educational websites to take you further into the subject. For example: the links found in this book show you more about cooking in foreign countries in a colorful, fun and informative way. The links are updated to ensure they do not go out of date! Still, you do not need a computer to use this book. There are over 40 recipes, detailed information on traditional meals, and photographs of ingredients and places (such as floating markets in Thailand and Mexican food markets with their exotic fruits and spices). *New copies of this book are expensive, so look for a good used copy by clicking our link above.

sticker dolly dressing sports girlsSticker Dolly Dressing Sportsgirls


From dancing on ice to kayaking down river, use the stickers in this book to dress the dolls for lot of different exciting sports.


Reading Tip: Don’t leave reading to the schools. Children who read outside of school are far more likely to succeed than those who don’t.(From: The Literacy Network of Los Angeles)

learning wrap-ups statesLearning Wrap-ups States & Capitals

This hands-on approach to basic skills is a unique patented learning tool which utilizes visual and tactile learning senses.

It gives immediate feedback by providing a built-in self-correcting feature. This particular item focuses on states and their capitals, but other versions have children mastering basic skills such as Addition, Algebraic Expressions, All About America, Alphabet, Division, Fractions, Multiplication, Numbers, Subtraction and States and Capitals, and have fun in the process.

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