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Frequently asked questions about Internet Linked books.

Usborne Internet-linked books are enhanced by recommended websites reached via links on the Usborne Quicklinks Website.

<br >The facts found through Quicklinks help a child to fully understand a new concept and will be very helpful with school papers, science fair projects, etc.

You’ll find downloadable images, coloring sheets, pronunciation guides and tunes to sing or play along with.

<br >Here are just some of the things you can do on the recommended websites:

  • Watch video clips of moon landings, the pyramids and faraway places.
  • Listen to sound clips of blue whales, penguins and golden eagles.
  • Watch animated explanations of global warming or the water cycle.
  • Play games to find out how the body works.
  • Listen to words and phrases in other languages.
  • Find quizzes, exercises and exam revision guides.


There are hundreds of Usborne Internet-linked books, including encyclopedias, language guides, music and art books.

One example is our Dinosaurs Internet Linked book. You cal also See all Internet Linked Books

dinosaurs internet linked book
Order Dinosaurs Internet Linked IL

Why is this a best seller in our dinosaur books for kids? This child dinosaur book can be purchased for a young age where the child will just say, “cool dinosaur” at the photos. Then as your child
starts reading, they can read the facts and later when your child is in middle school, now he or she can go on the
internet and using the links provided in the book, accomplish a dinosaur reign report or project.

Using the latest theories and most recent discoveries, this dinosaur book brings to life the exciting world of dinosaur reign.
Dramatic artwork and photographs of realistic models show what the dinosaur reign was like, how they lived,and why and how
they all died out. Lively step-by-step illustrations explain how they hunted, fed and cared for their young.

<br >

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