Matching Children’s Book Grant Program

Usborne Books – Literacy For A Lifetime 50% Matching Grant Program

Received a grant or donation? Stretch Your Dollars! Increase them by 50% + FREE SHIPPING!

If you have a tax-free number (not-for-profit) organizations, then your program will also be TAX FREE!
matching children's book grants program

Increase your spending options! Use your received charitable donation or literacy grant — to participate in our matching children’s book grant program
and receive another 50% back!


  • Spend a $200 grant
    – receive $300 in books!
  • Spend a $2,000 grant
    – receive $3,000 in books!

The Children’s Book Company behind the Idea:

Educational Development Corporation was incorporated in 1965 to develop curriculum materials for schools.
In 1978 the Publishing Division was created and the company quickly became a leading publisher of children’s non-fiction books with over 1300 titles today.
Literacy for a Lifetimeā„¢ is a matching grant program designed to support educational funding on the local level – joining with businesses, foundations,
and individuals to support local educational institutions.

Free books, Free Shipping,…. All possibly Tax-Free — How it works — Let’s Get Started:

  • Your organization receives a grant or a donation:
    1. Qualify for the program:

      – Combined donations or a grant for as little as $200 will qualify and receive a 50% matching grant in Usborne books.

    2. Complete the Literacy for a Lifetime Packet:

      – The receiving organization completes the Literacy for a Lifetime information form.

      – The receiving organization completes the retail order forms including the 50% in free books.

    3. Fax or mail in the paperwork (to the address on the informational form) with a check if applicable.
    4. Books arrive 2-3 weeks after order is received.


    Browse the website to see our wide range of books or purchase a catalog:

    One catalog for $4.00, including shipping (over 100 pages of educational books)


    1. Who qualifies? Do I need a tax-free number to qualify? What about religious schools, etc.?

      Donations made to charitable organizations or educational institutions qualify. You do not have to have a tax-free number to qualify.

      Example: A quality daycare, incorporating lots of educational activities throughout the day… like reading, art,
      music and science (not just “babysitting”) who received a $200 donation would qualify. Spend the $200 in our program and receive $300 in books!

    2. What is the minimum grant or donation amount to participate in Literacy for a Lifetime matching children’s book grant program?

      $200 is the minimum. We suggest smaller organizations group their donations together to reach the $200 minimum.

    3. What is the maximum grant amount that you will match with an additional 50% in books?

      There is no maximum cap. If your grant is for $50,000 you would receive $75,000 in books and so forth. There is no limit!

    4. How many times can my organization use the 50% matching grant program?

      There is no limit. You can use the program again and again as donations and grants become available.

    5. Who chooses the books?

      Usually the organization receiving the books chooses the books, including the 50% grant matching free books.

    6. Can I make a book donation to my church, school, etc.?

      Yes. If you are a donor and wish to surprise an organization with the actual books (as opposed to giving them a check), complete the packet
      above to the best of your ability and we will do the rest.

    7. When is the donation tax deductible?

      Donations made to an educational institution are tax deductible to corporations, individuals, and foundations.
      For an individual donor to receive a credit on their income tax (for charitable donation), the check (or credit card) must be written to a 501(c)3
      nonprofit organization. Individuals making donations to educational institutions should make their check payable to the school and
      the school in turn will pay by check or other means.

    8. We want to send the donated books to South America or other non-US country. Will you ship for free?

      No. We only ship for FREE within the USA. We suggest you set aside some of the donation or grant money for additional shipping after the books arrive at your

    9. Do you have accelerated reader titles?


Venues for Literacy for a Lifetime matching grant program:

$750 so far from local businesses…

It’s going to be divided between 3 charities. Checks were made payable to the organizations and labeled as a restricted donation.
That means a lot in the nonprofit world. One of the nonprofit organizations providing residence for disabled children is head over heels! They are trying to
build a library and all of the funds are usually slighted for the children’s care only but now they will have money slotted for books!

National Association for the Education of Young Children

NAEYC chapter did some fundraising to give home daycare providers new books and they used Literacy for a Lifetime (LFL).

Catholic elementary schools!

A Catholic elementary school received a $1,000 donation for books, so they used it to in the Literacy for a Lifetime Children’s Book grant program.

Child care facility!

a not-for-profit child care facility utilized the grant…


A physician uses Literacy for a Lifetime matching Children’s book grant program for donations from other doctors in the practice
to give books to their low income patients.

“Preschool for all” status and grants!

A preschool received “preschool for all” status and grants and they will be utilizing Literacy for a Lifetime (LFL) matching Children’s book grant program to build their book selection.

Home Child Care Association!

A Home Child Care Association just received a Target literacy grant for Spanish books. They will be using the children’s book grant on Literacy for a lifetime (LFL).
An advisor will be able to give a book to each home child care provider at each monthly visit – so the children will have books in the day care.

A grant from her college alumni!

A friend of mine got a children’s book grant from her college alumni for low-income Spanish speaking children at her daughter’s elementary school
after leaning many children did not have books at home in their native language. She used the money with our Literacy for a Lifetime (LFL) matching children’s book grant program.

Agency that supports Spanish speaking families!

An agency that supports Spanish speaking families has used Literacy for a Lifetime since it began. They purchase Spanish titles for Christmas
gifts at their annual party. It has come in really handy because of decreased grant funding. Since they are getting the children’s book grant matched by 50% they can still
purchase a lot of books.